I was inspired to share my story because I’m coming up on 7 years in tech, and the new year was causing me to remember and reflect. I hope it can be helpful for others who have had similar experiences to know you are not alone, and to raise more awareness of what it can be like to be a woman in the tech industry.

This is a long story. Feel free to skip to the bottom for salary info.

I entered my career in software engineering from a nontraditional background. I don’t have a computer science degree. I didn’t…

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Emoji reactions are a powerful thing.

They create an empathetic experience, in which you can reveal your shared emotions or support. But how do you know which emojis to use? Expressing simple emotions is easy (it is, after all, why emojis were created in the first place), but what about when you want to acknowledge that you’ve read a message and you’ve already used 👍several times today? What about when you want to answer an open-ended question without bothering to type anything? …

The problem I’m trying to solve

All the bikes at the bikeshare station right outside my apartment are gone by the time I leave for work. In fact, after a certain time in the morning, all of the bikeshare stations north of K street are empty.

What time do I need to get outside in order to maximize the chance that I’ll be able to get a bike?

Available data

Capital Bikeshare publicly surfaces two different types of data:

  1. Live feeds of station information — station name, capacity, location, current number of bikes
  2. Quarterly data dumps of rider trip data — in and out station ids and dates/times

Analyzing the data

The initial approach — calculate the number of bikes

Jess Solka

creator of tinythoughts, https://tinythoughts.me

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